Tuesday, October 11, 2011



So I'm a vendor this weekend at a Craft Bazaar and I am totally stressing!
Now this is not my first bazaar, I've been around the block a few times but every time with out fail, I feel as if I won't have enough product.

Honestly...as of right now, I have like 400 pairs of earrings..I know that may sound like a lot but when you see them displayed it doesn't look like much.

Doesn't look like much..well some spots are empty cause I'm not done putting them on.

I set up this 6 foot table in my dining room today so I could set all my stuff on it and see where it would all fit.
And that's the other thing..Its really hard to fit all your product on a 6 ft table..it really is!

So all that space in front of my earring displays I'm going to put all my Halloween Earrings..like this pair..

These Spider earrings I make are a huge hit :)

and then...we come to my Duct Tape stuff..seriously I should get a table were I sell JUST Duct Tape items..I've thought about it, but my earrings are such big sellers, I can't imagine not bringing them to a bazaar.

So far in the Duct Tape Department..I have..

Duct Tape Lanyards in Cheetah Print, Oregon State Print, Oregon Ducks Print, Hello Kitty Print, Paint Splash Print, Dragon Print, ..and then I ran out of supplies but I'll be making more :)

Duct Tape Hair Bows..another big seller.  There are literally hundreds in that basket..hundreds :)

Here's a closer look at some of my bows.

I have Duct Tape Wallets...but only a few which is part of where my stress is coming from.
I really need to knock out more..

And last but not least I have a few Duct Tape Key Wristlets..

Then..there's hair crap stuff....

I have all these Pom Pom Flower headbands I made..
I hope they sell!

and these Ribbon Barrett's..
which I'm dying to get rid of..figured I'd slap them on the table & see what happens.

That's a lot of stuff for a 6 ft table huh?
And it all has to fit just a certain way to look good and be functional..

I'd rather not lay my Duct Tape Lanyards on the table (I will if I have to) and I was hoping to find and/or make something tall enough that I could hang them from...
But it has to be skinny (to save space), yet long enough  for them to be able to hang. I'd say each lanyard is about 1 1/2 ft long...
If you have any ideas comment below or email me, I'd love to hear them!
Wish I had a coat rack, then I could hang them behind the table..hmmmm

Well thanks for letting me vent about being stressed...thankfully it's only Tuesday and I have a few more days to figure it all out and make more product.
I have another Craft Fair next month too...I love this time of year!!!


  1. how about a standing towel rack, the kind that has 3 or 4 arms that you can position? the hand towel size might not be tall enough, but i think i've seen floor standing ones for regular-sized towels...

  2. do you have a way to purchase the ribbon barrettes online???

  3. Love the towel rack idea...I could go for that, good thinking :)

    Lisa: Thank you for your interest in my Ribbon Barretts..I currently do not have them on my website but I'd be glad to put them on there for you...OR we could go directly through Paypal, up to you. Feel free to email me :)

  4. Hi Nicole. I'd like to know where to buy and what brand of zip lock bags do you use for the duct tape bows? Thanks!

    Crystal (MsCrys23x@gmail.com)


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