Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Easy Paper Treat Boxes

Treat Boxes

Ok they aren't reallyyyy boxes..but I don't know what else to call them :)

These are so easy to make and fun as well.  I made these for my youngest son's Pre-School Class for Halloween.  They are filled with yummy treats :)

Let's get started!

I got this super duper cute scrapbook paper at Craft Warehouse, it's 12x12.
Isn't it Spooktackular!?!
Then you'll need scissors, pinking shears and double sided tape (I've also used Glue Dots)

Next I cut the paper into 4 equal squares.

Now..put a strip of double sided tape along one edge of the square..make sure it's right up to the edge. The length of the tape should be just a little bit shorter than the full length of the paper.
Roll the paper into a tube and secure the paper over the tape.
It should look like a toilet paper roll now (P.S. you can do this with tp rolls too if you'd rather)

Pinch one side down, then open up and put a piece of double sided tape in the tube on the inside edge, press together so it's closed shut.

Now fill up the tube with treats :) This is what I was able to stuff into mine!

Now turn the tube 90 degrees and repeat process with tape..put a strip into the inside edge of the tube and pinch should look like this :)

Now cut the edges with Pinking Shears and you're done!
So easy, all you needed was paper, 3 strips of tape, and scissors...oh and yummy goodies to fill up the treat box..can't forget those!

You can punch a hole with a hole punch in the corner and add a tag...
that's my plan but I haven't made one yet..but it will say
"Trick or Treat, from your friend Jackson"
Or something corny like that :)

Have an awesome day guys!

Happy Crafting!


  1. So cute and clever for any occasion!!!

  2. Thanks! I was thinking about making these with random little goodies in them and handing one to my kids when they did something good...Like for my oldest son, having a piece of paper inside that says you have just received 30 minutes of video game time..things like that. How fun huh?


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