Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Paperclip Necklace

Paper Clip Necklace

Good Afternoon Ladies!!

Today I made a Paper Clip/Duct Tape Necklace!
This was so easy, and it looks so stink'n cute I just love it :)

The supplies I used are:
Colored Paper Clips (Dollar Store)
Jump Rings
Duct Tape (Hello Kitty)

So all I did was wrap strips of Hello Kitty Duct Tape around each Paper Clip, making sure to leave space at either end of the Paper Clip.

Then I added Jump Rings to connect the Paper Clips together, then added a Clasp.

Now..keep in mind, you don't have to use Jump Rings!
You can connect all the Paper Clips together first, then add the Duct Tape...

Like this.. but I liked the look of the Jump Rings.

This is a very easy craft that your child could do, great for a sleep over craft, or birthday party craft.

Isn't it adorable??
I am totally going to go make more right now using a different color of Paper Clip and different pattern of Duct Tape!!
Happy Crafting!


  1. Wow! The things you come up with!

  2. Thanks!! I should've made an adult looking necklace too, but didn't have the time. I'm thinking Zebra print!

  3. This is so fun! I love the creativity here. I am going to feature this tomorrow on Blissful and domestic. Stop by and grab a button:>

  4. EEK! So excited, thanks Danielle!!!

  5. Wow you are so creative! I am going to use it today at the school.! Thanks!


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