Saturday, September 10, 2011

Duct Tape Key Wristlet

Duct Tape Key Wristlet

At this point most of you realize my love for Duct Tape

I am always looking for new things to make using Duct Tape and last night this came to me..
a wristlet so it's easier to hold onto my keys

I don't know if  "wristlet" is the correct word for it, but it's what came to mind :)

This is really simple to make..
I just used Duct Tape and a Key Ring (clip optional)

Measure out 12" of Duct Tape (or longer if you want)
Fold the tape towards the middle hot dog style
Then fold the other side the same but over lap the tape a little so that there is so sticky on the tape
You should now have one 12" long strip of Duct Tape w/o any sticky showing

Make a loop with the Duct Tape and put the two end pieces thru the key ring, wrap around and secure with a strip of tape.


It takes just minutes.

Hope you enjoyed another one of my Duct Tape crafts :) 

I just wanted to give a little shout out to Rachel over at
Her blog is awesome and she is super duper nice..if you have small children you should really go check out her blog.  She has some fabulously fun things to do with your'll love it :)

Happy Crafting!

Have a fabulous day!


  1. I'm going to make this with my U of O duct tape!!!

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  2. Great minds think alike, that's what I made today!

  3. Thanks for sharing at Bacon time. :) This is a long week

  4. What a great idea! There are some cool duct tapes out there lately and that would look really cute like this! Hmmm, great stocking stuffers too! LOL

  5. Thank you :) These would make AWESOME stocking stuffers..I have made them with a lot of different duct tapes, and they all look great. I am obsessed with DT! Have a great day :)

  6. Seriously where do you guys get hold of duct tape that looks like that? Here in the UK I've only ever seen the Silver stuff!
    Loving the blog and am your newest follower.


  7. Oh Linda...I have must have 30 different colors/designs of Duct Tape!! You can find it in most stores here now since it's become so popular. But check your local hardware store, they may have some :)
    I'm a Duct Tape Addict...I love the stuff :)

  8. I've been looking for some kind of keychain favor for my daughters sweet 16 party and this has won. It'll be cheetah duct type that I'll use. Thank you for the idea!!

  9. i have some despicable me duct tape coming in and this is the first thing on my list of crafts for it!!

  10. I wish I could add a picture as I have just made myself one, now to make a lanyard for work

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