Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Puff Paint Martini Glass

Puff Paint Martini Glass

Today I am going to show you how to decorate a Martini Glass with Puff Paint!
This is so much fun, a bit time consuming, yet totally worth it :)

You won't be using these to drink out of but you can use them simply as a display of art, as a candy dish, you could put a candle in them, put dips in them, etc...Lot's of options here folks!

So let's get started shall we?

Get some Puff Paints...I got mine at the Dollar Store for this project.
I also picked up a couple Martini Glasses.

Now start adding dots of Puff Paint to the glass starting at the top..
I did my dots really small...yeah, I will NEVER do that took forever, and my hand was killing me!

However, I loved the end result!  And yes, I realize I forgot to take the tag off the bottom of the glass ;)
I was just so excited to get started!!

Upside down view so you can really see the dots...

Now the colors on this glass remind me of a fiesta! So I was thinking I could put Sour Cream or Salsa in this the next time I make a Mexican Dish for dinner..cute eh?

After regaining feeling in my right hand...I made another one but with BIG dots..LOVE LOVE LOVE!
I used Green and Blue cause those are the colors of our favorite football team..


Upside down view so you can see my big DOTS..I got big Dots and I can not lie!
Sorry flashback LOL :)
Some of you will get it...some won't..some will wish you didn't :)

AND..just to be festive I threw a few Caramels in there and used it as a candy dish :)

This really was fun to hand may say otherwise..squeezing a billion dots wasn't in my hands agenda today but we got through it :)

Happy Crafting!


  1. LOL I'm still laughing at the "Big Dots and can not lie." hahaha! Those are definitely worth the sore hands....So stunning!

  2. These are very cool! love them!


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