Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hot Wing Dip

This dip is off the hook...that is if you are Hot Wing Luv'a

So this week a new follower joined my blog.
Her name is Krista and her blog is

When I went to her blog the first recipe I saw was this dip and I knew I had to try it..
needless to say, I am now a follower of her blog cause she has some awesome recipes :)

So here is what you need:
1 12.5 oz can of Chicken in water
1/2 cup of Ranch Dressing
1/2 Cup of Franks Red Hot Sauce
1 package of Cream Cheese
3/4 Cup of Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Mix chicken and hot sauce in sauce pan.
Add Ranch.
Add Cream Cheese..once that is melted add the Cheddar.
Mix until fully melty and gooey.

You can serve with Tortilla Chips, Crackers, Celery, you name it.

You can also add crumbled Blue Cheese on top..hmmm so yummy!

Any who, here is the Link to Krista's dip so you can see how she does hers, and all her topping ideas and such.

Thanks for sharing Krista, and thank you for joining Crafty Soccer Mom :)

I'd love to stay and chat but I have to get back to that dip!

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

My Top 10 of 2011

Alright...I'm jumping on this bandwagon...
Everyone in blog land is posting their Top 10 crafts or what not of 2011 and I love it!

I love seeing some of the crafts I forgot about, and/or seeing crafts I hadn't seen before.

I have only been a Blogger for 6 blog and I are still in the Honeymoon phase..

So here is my Top 10 of 2011

10. Button Art on Canvas
This was really fun and easy to make

9.  DIY Gel Icepack
This little bad boy generated a lot of hits....people likey

8. Recycled Plastic Beads
These were a ton of fun for me to make

7.  Clothespin Napkin Rings
Super cute 

6. NO sew T-Shirt Bag
Fun for all ages

5. Washer Necklace
This little beauty is so shiny and pretty in person..I just love it.

4. Chore Blocks
My boys love these

3.  Duct Tape Ring
This ring has 138 Repins and 26 Likes on Pinterest...I'm quite proud of myself :)

2. Monster Popsicle Snuggies
I've had a HUGE response with these little Monsters which is why I love them..but mostly I love them cause my boys thought they were WAY cool :)

1. Homemade Bathtub Paints
These are my number one for several reasons..they have been featured on several blogs, and because they work so well and are so easy to make that I STILL make these paints on a regular basis for my youngest son.
If you haven't made them for your kiddo's!

So those are my Top10 for 2011.
I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet so many people and I've learned so many new crafts this last year, that I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for me and my blog.

I have chosen not to have sponsors on my blog..thank you sponsors who have contacted me!..because for me this is just a fun outlet and I honestly love to craft and enjoy sharing my craftiness with others and adding all the sponsors and stuff just gets to be too much for me.

My goals for this next year are to:
Do Giveaways..who doesn't LOVE free stuff????
Get more followers :)..recommend me to all your friends!!
Meet new peeps..

NOT these kind of peeps! Fellow Blogger Peeps lol :)

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your last weekend of 2011!

Party like it's 1999...Here's to a new year full of lot's of Crafts, Friends, and Smiles :)

Happy New Years and
Happy Crafting!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Polymer Clay Paper Clip

Polymer Clay Paper Clip

Hello ladies!
Today I was messing around with some Polymer Clay and made this cute little Piggy Paper Clip.

It's so secret that I love pigs..I think they are adorable and would love to own one...
however the hubs says no...Geesh!

All I did was roll a small ball of clay, squish it down a bit..poke the paper clip thru the bottom.
Make sure it's the end of the paper clip that doesn't have the two loops.

Then I added my snout and ears.

I also made a Cat..however it was a disaster to say the least lol..Not that my Pig is off the hook, but it looks better than the Cat I made is all I'm say'n :)

Bake the clay as it says on the my case it was 275 degrees for 15 minutes.
The paper clip is fine in the oven since it's metal.  I wouldn't try it with the colored ones cause those have a plastic coating I believe.

Use it to keep your papers organized for work, school, or at home.
Or use it as a bookmark!

Get creative, let the kiddo's join in the fun.
They could make for a cool Teacher gift if you made up a few of these bad boys.  They don't have to be pigs..that's just what I made :)

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Calender/Planner Upgrade

Calendar/Planner Upgrade

My Planner/Calendar is very important to me...a must have...a can't live with out kind of item.
Usually I'll spend way too much on a cute designer one but this year...I didn't have it in me to spend the extra moolah $$$

On one of my trips to the Dollar Tree (freak'n love that store!)..I picked this up..
a boring..plain..ugly planner..but was a buck! 
I couldn't pass it up.

I also picked up these Letter/Number Stickers while I was there...

I covered up with my my new Polka Dot Duct Tape...I think this is my favorite pattern right now.
It's super bright, funky and fun!

The numbers fit perfectly in the little circles..YES!
I love it when a plan comes together...that line was for you hubby!
100 points to whoever can tell me what TV Show that line was popular in...
I'll give you a hint..It's an 80's TV show

I'm pretty stoked about it..I'd say it looks MUCH better than before.
So go get yourself a planner for a buck and get to decorating!!

Happy Crafting!

 I was so excited about my new Calendar that I made a matching pen!

Easy Peasy Sugar Scrub

Easy Peasy Sugar Scrub

Let's be honest...Sugar Scrubs in general are very easy to make.

However..they require Oil as one of the main ingredients.

Oil + Shower = Potential Disaster
Instead of Oil I used two ingredients...Shower Gel and Sugar...that's it!

I had this bottle of Coconut Vanilla Shower Gel..hmmm...wish the computer had Scratch & Sniff!
This stuff smells AH-mazing!

I put 1/2 a cup of Sugar in a bowl and added about a Tablespoon of the Shower Gel..
Stirred it wasn't nearly I repeated until I got the consistency that I wanted.
For me that consistency is like stiff frosting..I want to be able to put my fingers in there and just grab a dollop with out it being runny....but you make it how you like it.

There it is...all creamy and ready to hit the shower!
If you find that you made it too runny, just add some more sugar.

I put my Shower Scrub in a small Tupperware container and stuck in my shower.  

Easy Peasy!

I think this took me..maybe...30 Seconds from start to finish.

This would make a great gift for anyone..who wouldn't want some of this??
It's perfect for that quick know the kind where you realize last minute you want to give something to someone so you scramble around your house for something small to re-gift LOL..
oh wait, is it just me that does that??

Have a great day
Happy Crafting!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thank you!

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to thank all my subscribers for joining my site, for all your wonderful comments through out the year, and enjoying my love of crafting with me.

I have only had my blog for 6 months and I have met some amazing people, and become friends with a lot of them.

May all of you have a blessed weekend and a very Merry Christmas filled with love..laughter...good food, and great company.

Here's to the upcoming year...may it bless us all, and may we come up with the most creative crafts to date!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Crafty Soccer Mom

Friday, December 23, 2011

Duct Tape Earrings

Duct Tape Earrings

Remember those Duct Tape Beads I made a while back??
You can see the tutorial HERE

Well today I was making some jewelry and I decided to make some earrings with my Duct Tape Beads.

These are the two pairs I made today.
These would make a great last minute gift for someone...that is if you have Duct Tape, and Earring Supplies on hand :)
They are funky and fun to make.  I am going to make a ton more.

Also today I made a Valentines Day Bracelet for a Valentines Day event over at 

Go over and visit Mindie..check out her Valentines Day Craft & Cooking looks like a ton of fun!

Here's the bracelet that I'm contributing to the contest & one lucky winner will be winning:

View #1
View #2

Have a great day and
Happy Crafting!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recycled Snowflake~Craft Fail?

Recycled Snowflake~Craft Fail?'s the skinny..being a crafter I can't help but want to turn everything I touch into something...
I ran my kids through McDonalds drive thru today and got a drink holder.

When I got home I couldn't help but wonder...what can I make out of this???

And this is what I am up with...

Here is my "Snowflake" on my front door...pic is dark sorry about that..but it doesn't look so hot.
I like that it also looks like a cross....

How I did this:

Step 1: Cut the "wall" off of the Drink Holder

Step 2: I painted it white

Step 3: I added blue glitter


Hmm...not super thrilled with it, however it was fun to make I will give it that.  It's super windy outside so the glitter was flying all over the place. I do like the Snowflake concept.
I think that if I do this again, I would paint it a different color, like blue maybe, since my front door is white.

This would be really easy for a kid to decorate with paint or marker.

Have a great day!
Happy Crafting!!

Candy Cane Hearts

Candy Cane Hearts

Aren't these adorable??
A beautiful tasty treat for all ages!

What you will need to make these cuties:
Chocolate Chips (Milk, Dark, White, Semi Sweet..what ev)
Mini Candy Canes
Peppermint Extract

First things first...spray a cookie sheet lightly with some cooking spray..
then put a piece of Wax Paper on top of the cookie sheet.
The cooking spray helps keep the Wax Paper in place.

Now unwrap the Mini Candy Canes and put them onto your cookie sheet using two candy canes to make a heart.

Reserve a few and put them in a baggie and hit them with a spoon to crush them up into little tiny bits.

Melt your Chocolate and add about 1/2 Teaspoon-3/4 Teaspoon of Peppermint Extract.
You can add a tablespoon of Oil to the Chocolate to make it more pourable.
NOW..I first tried to spoon the chocolate into the hearts..they looked ugly...soooooo
I put the melted Chocolate in a pastry bag and squeezed the chocolate inside the hearts and it worked each her own...use what technique works best for you :)

After filling all your hearts with Chocolatey Goodness...sprinkle your crush candy cane on top.

Put the cookie sheet in the refrigerator and let the chocolate set...I'd say to be safe..30 minutes-an hour.
I put them on one of my red plates as shown above..the plan was to put my Homemade Peppermint Bark in the middle there :)

These are definitely a crowd pleaser, their cute, decorative, fun to eat and tasty to boot!

Happy Holidays 
Happy Crafting!

Monday, December 19, 2011


Hello Ladies!

I just wanted to say thank you for putting up with my lack of posts.  December is a very crazy month and I have been very poor at posting.

I will do better..promise!

Today is my birthday....YAY!
And...I spent the afternoon adding a "Tutorials" page to my blog :)

I'm super excited about it, cause it makes it so much easier to find fun stuff to make.
It's not perfect, and a work in progress, but I'm pretty glad I finally got it up there.

So go check it out!! All the cool kids are :)

I  would like to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa.. and/or Happy Festivus :)

I hope you all have a blessed day filled with lots of love, happiness, laughter, good food, and happy memories.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Duct Tape Christmas Ornaments

Duct Tape Christmas Ornaments

Aren't these adorable???!!!
Or has my love of Duct Tape gone too far lol :)

I'll tell you what they look awesome on my tree!

So cute!

Here's the rest that I made...

Jingle Bells

Candy Cane

Red/White/Green Striped

Red & Gold

Snow Flakes

Green & Gold

And for my very favorite...Drum roll please....

Santa!! I love this one!!

SO I ran over to my tree and put it on there...LOVE IT!

Ok Ok..I'll stop obsessing over my TOTALLY awesome Ornaments!! 
But only for a few minutes while I show you how I did this :)

First pick out the color/design of Duct Tape you want to use...

Next cut out two 7inch strips of tape..then cut those in half.
You should now have FOUR 3.5 inch piece of Duct tape.
Make a piece of Duct Tape Fabric (laying two pieces sticky side to sticky side, making sure to leave some sticky showing so that you can flip it over and repeat.
You will end up with this...this is the front and the back will look exactly the same.

I used the inside of a roll of Duct Tape as my guide for a circle..I just traced it with a pen

Then I cut it out like so

I made a little tab by using a strip of Duct Tape..sticking it to the front and then folding it over to the back.
Then I punched a hole in it with a hole punch.

Then I attached some silky ribbon.

Hung it on my tree and called it a day...
ok well actually I didn't, I ran back and made a ton more...can you say ADDICTING!

This is a family friendly get the kids involved and let them make some ornaments too :)
You can use a Sharpie on the back to write the year!

Have a great day 
Happy Crafting!!