Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lanyard Stand

Duct Tape Lanyard Stand

Ok Ladies..Remember yesterday when I asked you what I should do about my Duct Tape Lanyards at my upcoming Craft Fair this weekend???

Well today it came to me!


So I talked to Mr Crafty Soccer Mom about going over to Home Depot and picking up my supplies...

We discussed thoroughly what my design should look like..

OK OK..I told him exactly what I wanted and threatened bodily harm if he argued with me or told me my idea was stupid lol..

To my surprise my totally awesome STUD OF A HUSBAND came home with it all built and it's exactly what I envisioned!!

THANK YOU HUBBY! Love you oodles..MUAH!

So here it is:

Isn't it awesome?!!  

Closer look!

So to make it even BETTER, the hubs is going to take it to work tomorrow and paint it black for me..YAY!

I'm so excited for this Craft Fair this weekend..
I'm going to ROCK IT!

Have a great night ladies!

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