Monday, October 3, 2011

Soap Cozy

Soap Cozy

I was walking thru the Dollar Store today....yes I'm a regular LOL..
and I saw this Lavender Bar of Soap..It smelled really really good.

Now normally I wouldn't buy bar soap from a Dollar me a snob..but this smell fabulous.

As I continued to walk down the isle I came across the washcloths.  
I thought hmmm...what if I put the bar of soap in the washcloth and sewed it up?

And that's what I did :)

These washcloths are good because they are rough (not good quality), which works great for exfoliating.

I cut the washcloth to fit the soap, turned it inside out, and then hand sewed all around it leaving one side open to put the soap in.  Then I turned it right side out, put the soap in, and sewed the rest of the hole.

This would be VERY easy if you have a sewing machine..which I do not.  
Honestly though, it only takes a minute with a needle and thread.

Here's the finished product. I can't wait to try it out :)

You could also do this with Bath around all sides leaving a small hole to put bath salts in, then sew it up the rest of the way.
When the soap/salts are all gone just toss it.

The bath salt filled washcloth would make really good gifts for someone.  Remember the cheaper/rougher the washcloth the better for good exfoliation.

Happy Crafting!

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