Friday, October 7, 2011

Felt Car Mat

DIY Felt Car Play Mat

T..G..I..F..!! The weekend is almost upon us..Whoo Hooo!

Last year I made this DIY Felt Car Play Mat for my youngest son...let me tell you..It's still in excellent condition and we've rolled it up and taken it numerous has been played with A LOT!

I got inspiration from my favorite blogger Kimbo over at A Girl and a Glue Gun
If you don't already follow her really really should. You will find lots of fun stuff to make and she will make you laugh your heart out with her witty charm :)
Here is the link to her Car Mat she made..and she's made several other designs as well.

So here's the mat that I made...P.S. She featured my mat on her blog once..I was so excited!!

All I used was Felt..and my Glue Gun
I had SOOO much fun making this. 
Those black squares at the bottom are actually little pockets you can put your cars in and use as a garage

I had to have a McDonalds..I think most kids would recognize it..
Also we have the Police Station with parking son wants to be a Police Officer so we had to have that.

Here we have the Garbage Dump..He also loves Garbage Trucks

Added the ER and OMSI (it's a local museum and it's way awesome!)
Notice how I put all the corresponding Hot Wheels next to the businesses..yeah it was fun :)

The Toy Store..of course..with the Mommy Mobile parked out front

The Hubs's always fun to incorporate Daddy's Business

The Fire Dept..of course, couldn't leave that bad boy out

The School and Construction Site..Didn't mean to put them THAT close together but I ran out of room

I REALLY suggest you make one of these..if not for your own children but even as a gift for another.
It is so much fun and you can customize it to your child..boy or girl...

Some helpful tips:
  • Make sure you have lot's of Glue Gun Sticks
  • You can buy sheets of felt at the Dollar Store but the green piece I got prepackaged at a craft store (it's 36 x 36)
  • Use train tracks (Thomas plastic or wood tracks ) as a stencil when making the roads, if you have them

Enjoy your weekend & Happy Crafting!


  1. This is so cute and has lots of "play power"! One of my preschool students recently asked me to make some "roads".... something like this would make him happy! ~Denise at

  2. Thank you! Play Power Galore! My son is 4 yrs old now, but like I said I made this last year, and he still plays with it on a regular's a lot of fun ;) It folds up nice, so you can take it anywhere.

  3. I love this! Do you have troubles with the felt staying flat? We have a felt mat (purchased) that constantly gets 'bumps' in it as the boys are playing on it...

  4. Thank you Jamie :) NO bumps what so ever..I like to fold it really nice and loose but my son just wads it up and still no bumps. I also glued really close to the edges, and went back over it once it was done just to check for any lifting. I wonder if they just glued along the edges and not in the middle..which I would assume would cause gathering...You should make one of your own, it's really fun..a bit time consuming..but so worth it in the end!

  5. I love this! The mcdonald's is seriously THE best!

    Thanks for linking up:>

  6. LOL..thanks Danielle! Gotta love McDonalds :)

  7. thanks nicole! you are so sweet! and your mat is AMAZING! one of my favorites. better than mine i'm afraid! lol.


  8. No thank you Kimbo! You are an inspiration..I have a new idea for a felt I just have to find the time to do it lol!

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  10. I love this! And my kids love the mats too.

  11. Très beau tapis et de bonnes idées merci


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