About Me


My name is Nicole and I am a SAHM of two wonderful boys.
I live and breath crafting...I can't and wont live with out it.  
I have to make something every day..yes..everyday :)

Here are some fun facts about Crafty Soccer Mom:
  • I love Duct Tape..like we're talking serious love affair here
  • My favorite food is Pineapple..I could eat it everyday
  • I am a huge sports fan...Go Seahawks!
  • I want a pig..yes a real piglet..I want one of my very own..but the hubs says no way...pfft
  • I HATE BUTTER..did I mention I hate butter..gag me
  • Growing up I wanted to be Police Officer/Detective...I still do but that'll never happen
  • I am terrified of spiders..they are evil little creatures that should live far far away
  • I crack my neck a million times a day..ok maybe not a million but a lot
  • My favorite movie of ALL time is Goonies..."Goonies never say die!"...yes I am a Goonie
  • I wish I lived in Hawaii...I love Hawaii..and Palm Trees, and Pineapple..Im an island girl at heart
  • I used to be a Barber in an old time Barber Shop
  • My husband calls me Sleeping Beauty..which is ironic cause I never sleep
I have this blog so that I can share all my artsy crafty things with friends and family...but I have found that I have met some really awesome people out there in blog land.  Meeting new people and seeing all the wonderful things other crafters have come up with is so much fun.
I hope you enjoy getting to know me a bit more...Thank you for stopping by my blog!  
Come again now ya here :)