Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Decor #3

Halloween Decor #3

Hey Ladies..and Hubby!

Sorry I've been gone so long..I had my first Craft Show of the season this past weekend and I waited far too long to get all my product ready! So needless to say I was super busy last week!

Today I am going to show you these cute little Candle/Candy Holders :)

I chose to put Flameless Candles in mine because my boys already have had far too much Halloween Candy and Halloween is still a couple weeks out.
These are the Flameless Candles that change color which is super fun for the kids :)


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Here are the supplies I used:
Small Terracotta Pots
Small Glass Candle Holders 
Acrylic Paint (Black, Orange, & White)
E6000 (glue)
Colored Rice
First I painted my pots, which I really enjoyed, painting is so much fun!  I was going to do a Candy Corn one too but figured 3 was enough, but it's still on my mind so I will probably end up doing it.

Next, after the paint was fully dry, I glued the small glass candle holders onto the pots with E6000, love that's awesome!

Then fill with whatever your heart desires!  
I wanted to fill them with Candy Corn, but like I said, I know my boys would munch on it and it'd be gone before you know it.

I put Colored White Rice in mine.  To see how I colored my rice you can follow the same steps as my Colored Noodles Tutorial HERE

All in all this was a cheap, quick and fun project.  Hope you enjoyed it!

Happy Crafting!


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