Sunday, July 8, 2012

Outdoor Duct Tape Pillow

Summer has finally arrived in the state of Oregon!

During the Summer, my husband and I like to hang out in the backyard after the kids go to bed.

We light our Tiki Torches, start a fire in the fire pit, listen to music, and just relax and enjoy each others company.

We have these two plastic Adirondack chairs, and I love the look of them but they are uncomfortable for me.
I'm only 5'1, but my husband is tall, so they fit him perfectly.

I decided last night that I needed a pillow for behind my neck and/or for my lower back while lounging in the chairs.

So of course I made one with Duct Tape!
Why?  Because Duct Tape is Waterproof, and Durable.  
It's perfect for an outdoor pillow!

All I did was make one big sheet of DT Fabric, fold it in half, and tape the sides shut, leaving one side open so I could fill it with Fiber Fill.  Then I took a strip of DT and closed it up.

Seriously it took me only a few minutes to make, and I love it!

It's smaller because like I said I only wanted it for behind my back and neck, but I plan on making bigger ones for the chairs for added decor.

I had my guinea pig husband try it out 

He said it was awesome on his lower back
I didn't take a pic of that cause you couldn't see the pillow :)

I'm super happy with it and it looks great out there.
It felt AH-mazing on my lower crazy good.
It's the perfect size.

So what are you waiting for?
Go make some cute Duct Tape Outdoor Pillows and spice up your outdoor decor!

Enjoy your day :)


  1. I make my husband test things too...not my jewelry of course. Love the pillow idea! Check out my post if you would. I brag about you a bit.

    1. Thank you so so much!!! I'm so flattered to receive an award :)
      I don't have my hubby test out my jewelry either..well I take that back, I have had him put on a bracelet once or twice so I could take a picture LOL.


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