Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Duct Tape Clutch~Beginner Level

Today I am going to show you how to make a very simple yet fun Duct Tape Clutch.

This project is great for all DT Skill Levels, beginners included.

Here's what you will need:

Duct Tape of your choice and a piece of 9x12 Felt
You can find these Pre-Cut Sheets at your local Craft Store for really cheap.  You can usually get a few for a buck.  Also some sticky back Velcro (not shown in pic)

Cut a strip of DT that is 9 inches long
At one end of the Felt, put down your DT so that it is half on the felt and half off.  Try and make this as straight as possible.
If it's not straight, no worries, I'll show you later how to fix that.

Now flip it over and stick down the DT so that you now have DT on both sides (No Sticky)

I flipped mine back over and now start adding addition strips of DT overlapping each piece by about a 1/4"
Take your time doing this because once it touches the felt it's stuck

Once you get one side of the felt completely covered in DT, flip it over and fold that piece of DT onto the felt

Decide where you want the fold to be on your clutch
I folded mine up 4 inches
I cut a piece of tape that is 4" long and put it on the side there overlapping about half way
Then flipped it over and stuck the tape to the back
 Repeat on the other side

Now that both sides of your clutch are secure you are pretty much done!
So easy huh?

Get some Sticky Back Velcro 
Seriously love this stuff!!!

Add your Velcro and now your clutch can stay closed
Now, if your top piece of DT is crooked, add another piece of DT over the crooked tape before adding the Velcro.
Mine is a little crooked but it's not overly noticeable so I just left it.

Here is what it looks like closed
You can see I chose to cut the corners off of the flap
I did that just for a little added decor, but it's not necessary

The inside

Another view of the inside

Because I just couldn't help myself I Hot Glued a fake Flower on the clutch
Isn't it adorable???!!!!

I just love this clutch!
It super cool and padded from the felt.

It's an easy accessory to make yourself for an evening out, or just for fun.
It's so affordable you could make one in every color to match every outfit!!

I also love the fact that this is an easy craft for beginner Duct Tape Crafters.

Just to recap, the supplies you will need are:
Duct Tape
Sticky Back Velcro
Hope you enjoyed my Glam Duct Tape Clutch!


  1. Awesome! You make some of the cutest things! I really enjoy your blog. Everyday I check to see if you have posted anything new. :-)

  2. This is so cute! Yes, you do some really awesome projects and are great at duct tape "art"! Where did you find DT with mustaches? So cute...

    1. Thanks Jen!! I have found the Mustache print at Michaels Craft Store, and Walmart :) Walmart is cheaper, however Michaels always has coupons so use it if you go there.

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial!! I just made 2 for my nieces for Christmas. They are going to love them!! Do you have any other patterns/tutorials that you would like to share?

  4. First time doing any DT and this looks great even for me to do! Granddaughters are going to love the bags. Thank you for this tutorial. In the UK DT is more expensive, but you make it look so easy its worth it.


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