Wednesday, August 24, 2011

T-Shirt Scarf

DIY T-Shirt Scarf

This has GOT to be the easiest T-Shirt scarf around..seriously!

I have two other T-Shirt Scarf's I will be doing soon as well..stay tuned.

But for this one this is what you do:

I got this Ladies Large Cotton T-Shirt from the Dollar Tree.
I picked black cause I love it, but then I realized it's hard to do a tutorial with a black shirt, sorry guys.

Lay it flat on a table.  Then cut a straight line right under the arm pit all the way across to the other armpit.
Now you have two pieces.
Toss the top half of the shirt aside for a future project, you only need the bottom half for the scarf.

Cut the hem off the bottom of the shirt.
Cut 1/2" strips (fringe) on the bottom of the shirt about half way up, or just shy of half way up the shirt.

Pull each piece of fringe so the shirt fringe curls up.  
Unfortunately I think my shirt had some spandex in it or something cause my fringe didn't curl up right, but I still like it as is :)

Now put it over your head and Voila! You have a beautiful new accessory :)

I love this, and it's so comfy...I will definitely make another one with a 100% cotton shirt, so I get the effect I want with the fringe.

This is great as casual wear, or dressy wear.  Also great for all ages.  Would make a fantastic homemade gift for someone. 

This would also look great with a T-Shirt that has a pattern in it, or Tie Dye.
Hope you all enjoy this! I will do a couple more T-Shirt Scarf Tutorials soon :)

On another note: 

Remember my friend Mindie that I did a guest post for on her blog Bacon Time W/ The Hungry Hypo?
You should totally go check out her blog...She has something fun going on every single day.
Take today for example, she has helpful, delicious meal planning recipes for you, that consist of meals that are $10 or less...
Seriously you should go check it out HERE

Have a fabulous night everyone!


  1. Im looking forward to bad weather so I can use scarfs. U are so creative :)

  2. Thank you Katie!!!! If you use a light weight shirt you could wear this in the summer too...but I catch your drift. I can't wait for cool weather to wear all these neat-o scarfs :) Seriously this takes minutes to make, it's so gratifying to have something fun and new that you made in less than 5 minutes lol ;)

  3. I want this! Can I do this at the party instead!? Seriously. i need this one.

  4. Of course!! I put that in description too, I'm starting to think you didn't read it lol! You will probably want a smaller shirt than for the cape. This would be super cute for you to wear to work :)

  5. Your scarf is beautiful. Thanks for the shout out too :)


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