Tuesday, August 30, 2011

T-Shirt Scarf #2

Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf

So here is another way to make a beautiful Scarf out of an old T-Shirt :)

In this case I used one of my oldest son's old T-Shirts...The bigger the T-Shirt the longer the scarf.
My son is 11yrs old, so the shirt wasn't that big, but it still makes a long scarf and I was able to double it up.

So let's get started eh....

First you lay the T-Shirt down flat, and then you cut off the hem at the bottom. 
Next you cut thin strips (not too thin, about 1/2"-1") all the way across the T-Shirt to make big loops.

Next, stretch out each hoop and then wrap it around your hand to form small circles like above.
You can make them as big or small as you like.

With the remaining T-Shirt scraps, cut strips about 2-3" long..this material stretches remember.
Next lay your hoops side by side and tie them together with your strip of T-Shirt.

And this is what you get...You can either leave it open at the end..or tie it together like I did to make one big loop. Now you need to trim off the excess T-Shirt from the knots you tied with the strips of fabric.

Isn't that adorable?! SO easy and fun :) I love it!
Next time I will try it with a bigger shirt so I can make it longer, but I will definitely sport this one.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make another type of T-Shirt Scarf
Have a great day!


  1. Another great scarf. I love fall and wearing scarfs and boots.
    Ok I announced my new linky today. If it's not for you thats fine but here is some more info on it.

    I am hoping this will mean I will actually get a date night at least once a month. My husband took off 2 days, and still no date night unless you count dear hunting, which I don't. ;)

  2. Thank you! I did see your linky, what an AWESOME idea! I will put it on my blog in a bit, once my husband walks through the door and I can get two seconds with out being bugged, or something going wrong..UGH it's been one of those days I tell ya!
    I can't wait to read what everyone else does on date nights!

    P.S. I agree Deer Hunting does not qualify as a date... :)

  3. What a cute idea! I'm sending this to my niece. She's always up to something new and unique, and very crafty! Thank you!

    1. Thank you Lori! These are so fun to make, and super inexpensive too :)

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