Monday, August 1, 2011


Twilight Earring Give away!

Yes you heard me right!  I feel awful for neglecting my little blog this week, and I just feel like giving back.  You guys just make my day by following my blog..I LOVE YOU ALL!

Ok, so here's the deal..To win a pair of these lovely Twilight Earrings that I handmade you need to do just a couple easy things:

1. You must be signed up as a follower of my blog thru Google Friend Connect
(See the little blue rectangle that says "Join this Site"..push that)

2. Enter a comment letting me know how bad you want these bad boys! I'm not apposed to hearing sweet nothings about how cool I am just so I will pick you bwwwuuauahhaa!

3.  I will pick the winner & announce the winner tomorrow night at 7pm..that gives you 24 hurry and go post a comment!

The winner of my choice, will get to pick one of these pairs of earrings...I'll let you choose which pair you want, and there are 9 awesome pair to choose from.

Here is the collection to choose from:

Tomorrow I will be featured on a VERY cool blog called 

Here is a sneak peak as to what my tutorial is about:

You'll have to go check out Mindie's blog tomorrow and see what I've come up will LOVE it!
Promise :)
On that note.... 

Good Luck!
Have a great night everyone!!


  1. Woo hoo! First commenter! I like the first ones, just plain Twilight. :)

  2. well, not to mention that you are one of my favorite sisters ;-) but do you REALLY know anyone who is more of a twilight freak? Thank god I have understanding co-workers now that I have moved in to a shared space they allow my TWO different twilight calendars! I have to thank my wonderful hubby for letting me have my "Twihard" window sticker on his Truck! seeing as I haven't found one for the new car yet!!! I know what you are thinking "but you don't wear earrings" BUT I do...I really only wear 2 pairs of "team Edward" and a beautiful simple simple pair my friend made me to match a bracelet...anyway wouldn't you like to see me having a 3rd favorite pair???!!!

  3. LOL that post was from me but I couldn't post it any other way than anonymous! love you Sarah

  4. I came to check your button out and got side tracked by your Twilight give away. I know you will forgive me. I would wear these proudly, probably take pics of me wearing them too, bcause well I am dork like that. Thank you for the give away, of course I follow with GFC. I want to thank you to for your guest post and mention above, so sweet. Ok, to the coolest soccer mom I know (and craftiest too)who btw is very pretty, and I forgot to mention you look like Rosalie from Twilight. I am not just saying that either, I finally just realized who you remind me of. Of course you are much nicer then her character, much thanks, and thanks again. Ok, now off to grab your new button.

  5. OH MY GOODNESS..I am so flattered! Thank you so much for the kind words, you REALLY made my day :) You have been so awesome to me, helping me with my blog, and so supportive. Thank you oodles for being you!

  6. Hello Nicle!
    I am coming over from The Hungry Hypo. I am IN LOVE with the earrings. I searched for 10 mins for an Esty or any sort of a store and finally found the link.I feel like a twit I am going to enter the contest but, this weekend I an going to buy more.:D
    I adore Edward, but Emmett is such a crack up. I love his character.I would deffinately pick him. I haven't "google friend you" yet. I keep having issues, it won't load up and half the time the button for it wont show for me. I'm going to keep trying.
    Thanks for the givaway!
    Goodluck to everyone!!

  7. Well hello! Thank you for stopping by!! I have to agree that Emmett is one studly dude, not only is his image totally hotness, but his personality is just awesome. I love his relationship with Bella :) I appreciate all your kind words!! There is a direct link to my site on the right hand side of my page :) Have a great day!


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