Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Give Away Winner!

Good Evening Everyone!

Well, there may have only been a few participants in my Twilight Earring Give Away...but I'm ok with that.
The few that did ROCK!

Let's cut to the chase lol...
By random draw the winner is...



Thank you for all your kind words, you made my day!!

I mean the girl told me I remind her of Rosalie...I wish!
 But I'll take the compliment, thank you!!

Mindie email me your addy and let me know which pair you would like and I'll send them out to you.  


Thank you ladies for being a part of my give away..I will have another one soon!!

Have a great night, and I'll be back tomorrow with something crafty!


  1. Oh that's me, yeah, I am all about Team Edward but I think my fave are the I heart Twilight ones. Thank You, ty, ty, :)

  2. This was way fun! I love give aways so I may just do this again sooner, rather than later!


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