Saturday, August 6, 2011

Clothespin Napkin Rings

Clothespin Napkin Rings

Ok, so a couple days ago I did a post on Clothespin Bracelets.
Today it hit me...I could make napkin rings!

Seriously love this idea!  What a great gift to give to someone..I mean have you bought napkin rings recently?? 
They are SOOOO expensive!  I've always thought they were over priced, call me cheap I guess.

I followed the same steps as my previous post HERE

Except I only used 6 springs for my napkin rings vs 10 for the bracelet

I LOVE the way they turned out.  So pretty :)

These Napkin Rings would be great for all sorts of occasions:
As a Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift, Housewarming Gift, Wedding Gift, or Mother's Day Gift just to name a few.



  1. oh I love this idea sooo creative.

  2. Thank you so much Celeste :) I had a blast making them.

  3. Those are so pretty. Makes me want to prepare a fancy dinner and ditch our paper napkins. It's sad that my table lines only see the light of day it seems on holidays. Thanks for sharing and your sweet comments at Bacon Time.

  4. Pfft..I would wrap up the paper napkins in these sparkly little pretties...I mean, we do have boys after all lol :) And you're welcome for the comments :)

  5. Nicole my earrings came today. Thank you so much for the give away, and for the additional "I heart Bacon" pair! You made my day. Thanks for making blogging fun. I will have to share these on Bacon Time soon, maybe this Thursday. Maybe I should get out of my work out clothes or pjs and actually put some make up on while I am at it and take a decent pic. LOL, see what inspiration a cute pair of earrings and a sweet bloggy friend can bring ;)

  6. Yay!! So glad you like them! Listen, if you can get out of the work out clothes and put on make up then you are an inspiration to us all LOL..why do you think I'm never in any of my photo's? LOL..cause I look a hot mess :) Have a fabulous weekend my bloggy friend!


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