Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DIY Paper Bow


Hey guys!  
Sorry I've been gone for a few days..I went to the coast with my hubby and kids :)

Aren't my boys adorable?!!  I think so, and they had a blast jumping off this sand cliff let me tell you lol!


Yesterday I spent half the day at my oldest son's first Golf Tournament...I have to brag a little cause I'm so proud.....

He got 3rd place in his age division!!!

Ok, thanks for letting me brag..now onto the bow

These bows are really easy and I swear I will never buy another bow again since I now know how easy and cheap it is to make them!

Cut your paper of choice into 9 strips, lengthwise..about 3/4 in wide.
Keep 3 strips the original length.
Cut 1 inch off 3 strips.
Cut 2 inches off 2 strips.
Then cut the last strip down to 3.5 inches long.

Twist the strips to form a loop at both ends ( kind of like a charity ribbon)...then staple the center.
The littlest strip should be shaped into a circle.  You can secure it with a glue dot.

Start with your largest loops and start forming a bow, secure each loop with a glue dot.
Your last piece will be your circle piece and you place that in the center with a glue dot and you're done!

Plop that baby on a gift and you are good to go!

So the first time I did this, I realized that you should really take your time in your placement of your first three pieces.  You can see that my bow looks a little lop sided..but really on top of a present it would still look cool right?

SO I had a second go at it, using a magazine this time, and it looks much better!

These are so easy and fun...You could use a number of different materials to makes these:
Newspaper comics
Comic Books
Scrapbook paper
Recycled paper
Maps (which I think would look AWESOME)

Have fun with it!  

Thanks everyone, and have a totally awesome day today!

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