Thursday, August 4, 2011

Clothespin Bracelet

Clothespin Bracelet

Hey guys!  So check this out..seriously crazy and neat-o!

These bracelets are made from the metal springs that hold the wood clothespins together!

I got this box of 36 wood clothespins at the Dollar Store... 
I just had to make something out of I did :)

I took the springs off the wood piece..which is very simple by the way, they slide right off.

Then you take the two "L" pieces from one spring and put them through the spring part of another spring.
Ok that sentence sounds really confusing, but I hope you get it.

Then just keep linking them together... 

And you get this!

Mine took 10 springs, but depending on the size of your wrist you may need to change that give or take.
I have pretty small wrists.

So this was cool and all, but I wanted to jazz it up.  

I added beads!  I was able to fit 4 little shiny beads on each side of the spring.
All I did was get some pliers and unbend "L" the pieces, slide the beads on, then bend back into the "L" shape.

Pretty sweet eh?

Now I have all these left over wood pieces that I REFUSE to just throw my husband rolls his eyes lol..

My 4yr old son used them as building blocks, so that was cool.
However I think I may make one of those Starburst Mirrors that everyone is doing these days...

Or I may just put them in my office and forget about them...which is the most likely scenario..just say'n lol :)

Have a great day!


  1. Cute! Maybe with a little bit of glue, pipe cleaners and yarn, you can make some clothespin dolls?
    Something like these:

    Mama Dani

  2. That is a great idea! Those little dolls look super fun and you can get really creative with them, thanks for the link :)

  3. You can take those clothespins and make a cross. It takes 16. Do you have an email?

  4. Really??? That would be so cool! Here's my email:

  5. You can also make a hotpad from the wood pieces. Here's a link I found:

  6. Use them to make cute & interesting pins for holidays, school spirit, etc. Just a little imagination, some scraps, paint, & glue should do it.

  7. I made snowflakes out of the wood part of the pegs, now I have something to use up all the springs! 8 pegs oerr snow flake, I have lots of springs!

  8. What size are the beads you used?? Thank you

  9. There are plenty of things to use your clothespins for. I have made wreaths, crosses and a raw other things. Look on line and have fun.


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