Monday, March 12, 2012

St. Patricks Day Necklace

Today I'm showing you this St Patrick's Day Necklace I made :)

It was a super fast project and very inexpensive as well!

I had these glass rocks from the Dollar know the ones that are flat on one side?
A lot of people make refrigerator magnets out of them.

I made two necklaces different ways:
Way one:

I put a Clover Sticker onto a piece of green printed paper.
Then I put some Diamond Glaze on the back of the Glass Stone, and placed it on top of the sticker/paper.
I let it dry and then cut around the stone, getting rid of the excess paper.
I added some Diamond Glaze to the back of the paper too, let it dry.
I then glued on a jewelry bail with E6000 and it was done!

Way Two:

I glued the green paper to the back of the stone, but placed the sticker directly on top of the stone on the front side.
The reason for placing the colored paper behind is, if you leave it clear you can see the bail through the stone and it looks my opinion.

So now I have a cute little necklace to wear on St. Patrick's Day so my two annoying adorable son's don't pinch their mother!
I'm sure they'll do it any way LOL :)

Have a great day
Happy Crafting!


  1. So cute and totally different then mine, so glad you posted. Love it. I need to get some of those bails. I have been looking for some more but even on Ebay they are costly. I need to snag some on sale.

  2. Awww thanks :) Oh my goodness bails are so spendy! I finally ordered mine online because they were so expensive at the Craft stores. I think I bought mine from some one on Etsy....if I remember correctly, and I got them for a good price. I am so cheap when it comes to supplies..I always use a coupon, and/or it has to be on sale. If you're going to have a craft obsession you need to be smart about it LOL :)


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