Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Look What I Got!

I got a new Duct Tape today.....

and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!

Bring on the Pointer Sisters!

Ok..seriously what is up with my use of music video's lately???

On to my new Duct Tape..

So if you follow my blog you know about my love affair with Duct Tape and
my current love affair with posting old music vid's in my blog post lol

If you know me personally you also know that I love any thing Cupcake!

So Cupcake Duct Tape is like a dream come true for me!

I just had to share this exciting find with you guys

Thanks for putting up with my CrAzInEsS!

Have a good night!!


  1. I haven't seen any new patterns for duct tape in quite a while. First you have Christmas ones, and now cupcakes! I live in a smallish town and we don't get the cool stuff! My other love (besides duct tape) is PVC pipe!

  2. The Cupcake has been out for a little while now, but I had to wait patiently for it to get to my area.. and that was hard! I just saw that Duck Brand Duct Tape came out with like 7 new prints. One of them being Super Mario Bros! My boys would love that!!
    I have recently seen some really neat projects with PVC pipe...Like a laptop stand :) It's amazing what you can make out of pipes isn't it?


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