Thursday, March 15, 2012


This weekend I plan on putting a lot of my merchandise on Etsy.

I've had an online shop for a couple of years now but I have some issues with my site.
So I've decided to go back to selling on Etsy.
I love Etsy, and it's gets a ton of traffic...cause everyone loves Etsy :)
How could you not right?

So here's where I always run into a problem..
Pricing my handcrafted items.

It is so hard!
I'm a natural born giver...and I always sell myself short...according to others..on my pricing.

I tend to under price my stuff...because I honestly feel guilty.  Weird?
Do you have the same dilemma?

But after hearing "You don't charge enough" over and over for years..I'm starting to wonder...
Am I missing out? Could I or should I be charging more?

This is where my husband and my oldest son step in to help me....
I always ask them how much they think I should sell something for...of course it's always way higher than I would actually sell it for, but they are being honest and it makes my day.

So I usually end up taking the price that I have and the price they have and decide on a price somewhere in the middle ;)

So long story short...soon I will have an Etsy shop that I can share with you guys!
I'm going to keep my original online store open as well.

I've received a lot of emails asking if I sell certain items that I have made on my blog, and the answer is Yes.

Here is my current online store:

There are a lot of items that I have to sell that are not currently on my website that I will be putting on Etsy.

Such as...

These Memory Wire Bracelet's
And this is only 7 of them..I have about 20 other bracelet's like this but with different designs to put on there as well.

This Duct Tape Makeup Bag is an item I've received a lot of emails about. 
So I want to get that up on my Etsy shop too so I can start selling them.
I love's so cute!

Coincidentally these are the items I'm having the toughest time pricing.

I'll keep you updated on my Etsy shop and hopefully have some items up by this weekend.

I'm actually really excited about it...I love having my own shop. It's really rewarding and fun when people buy your handcrafted items :)

So please tell me I'm not the ONLY one that has a hard time pricing handcrafted  items.....or am I?
LOL..I'm pretty sure I'm not :)

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

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