Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Duct Tape Binky Clip

Ok, let's start this out by saying...No laughing at me! Ok Ok, that wouldn't be any fun..
Laugh away LOL!!!

So I decided to make a Binky Clip out of Duct Tape today...Why?
Lord only knows.
I don't have a baby...nor do I have any Binky's laying around LOL.
But it came to me, and I had to do it!

So here's it goes!

I bought these "fashion" clips...I'm not sure these are still "in" fashion but what ev...
These are the same as suspender clips...so if you have some of those laying around use them.

You'll need some Duct Tape...

First things first...Cut a piece of Duct Tape to 12 inches long.
Please excuse my shadow at the bottom of the pic...clearly it really wanted some attention, it kept popping up in my pictures...it's so vain...it probably thinks this post it about it..(gotta love 70's songs)

Moving on...

Flip the tape so it's sticky side up
And fold over one side about 1/2 inch towards the middle

Now do the same with the remaining sticky side, fold it over toward the middle so that there is now NO sticky left on the Duct Tape and you are left with a 12 inch piece of Tape.

Now take your "fashion" clip and cut off one of the metal pieces.
See how that fabric is fraying...Yeah my scissors got stuck to it due to sticky Otter Pop Juice left on my scissors.
I can thank one of my spawn for that...Gotta love Otter Pop Season!

Put the Strip through the bottom of the clip and tape it down.  I taped around it twice for extra durability.

On the other end, add some Self Adhesive Velcro Dots.

And guess what?
Two Things...One...

I have "You're so Vain" stuck in my head....and I'll bet you do too :)

And Second..

You're done!

Don't laugh at my pathetic attempt to show you how this works LOL!!
So obviously you unvelcro this, slip the Binky through and Velcro it back up.
The "fashion" clip is then clipped onto your babies clothing.

Pretty cool eh?

This is what I LOVE about Duct Tape...it has endless possibilities!

I love coming up with new inventive ways to use Duct Tape.

Have a great day
Happy Crafting!

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