Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Insanity Rules

Hello Ladies!

Today I had the pleasure of being a guest over at 

Emily is so nice, and made me feel so special, I'm just tickled pink that she let me come visit.

If you haven't stopped over to see Emily at Insanity Rules than you should..right now..hurry!

Her blog is fabulous.  I enjoy her stories about being a SAHM like myself, and seeing her crafts.  She is super duper nice and I just know you'll love her blog :)

So head on over to Insanity Rules and check it out, and learn a little more about your Crafty Soccer Mom!

Thank you Emily and
Happy Crafting!


  1. I love Emily over at Insanity Rules.

    Here is the sneak peak of prizes for the Valentine contest. Feel free to share with your fans and followers. Any promotion you can do will be greatly appreciated. I will be working hard on my end to make this a huge success.

    Thanks again,
    Mindie Hilton

  2. I added a blurb in today's post, but I will continue to spread the word all month long. Thank you so much for hosting this Mindie..I don't know how you do all girl ;) Hope you have a great day!


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