Thursday, January 5, 2012

Duct Tape Bow Bracelet

Good Morning Ladies!

Sorry I've been M.I.A. the last few days...LAME I's just been one of THOSE kind of weeks.

Today I am showing you my Duct Tape Bow Bracelet!
And I'm super stoked to show you this cause it's SOOOO simple to make and super-d-duper cute :)

Here's how I did it..

Step 1) Cut two 9 inch strips of Duct may need more or less given the size of your wrist.

Step 2) Put one piece of Duct Tape on table sticky side up, now place second piece of tape on top of that..sticky side to sticky side.

Step 3) Trim around all edges, making sure there is no sticky along edges. I like to trim the end pieces by rounding the corners. That's optional, I just think it makes the bracelet look more finished.

Step 4) Cut a strip of Duct Tape that is 1/2 in wide.

Step 5) Pinch middle of Bracelet to form a bow..I do this by folding the middle in half..taking each side and folding it towards that middle crease..make sense? Look at the pic and it may make more sense.

Step 6) Wrap your 1/2 in piece of tape around middle.

Step 7) Add Sticky Back Velcro to the bracelet..put one piece on the inside of bracelet and one piece on the outside of bracelet.

Step 8) DONE! Now go sport your new fab bracelet and relish in the fact that everyone will be totally jealous!

 Happy Crafting!!

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