Saturday, January 28, 2012


Yesterday I was out shopping with my oldest son and we stopped by Old Navy...

I saw on their jewelry rack that there was a ton of stuff on I started going through all the stuff that was well deserving of a clearance rack...I found a hidden jem!

A horrible necklace with tarnished gold seed beads and some beautiful glass beads.  I had to get it..simply for the glass beads that were on it.  Beads are spendy and finding an ugly piece of jewelry that you can take apart to make new gorgeous jewelry is the way to go.

Now I apologize for not taking a "before" pic...I totally spaced it.  I was just too excited to cut it apart.

But here is the "after"

It's bright, chunky, and full of flair.  I freak'n love it!

I put the beads on stainless steal memory wire :)

So I encourage you ladies to hit up those clearance racks and see what you can find...charms, beads, earrings, name it.  It can be a fun challenge, a great way to save money and it gets those creative juices flow'n!

Happy Crafting!

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