Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to me and the hubs!

Today is my wedding anniversary and so I thought I would gush about me and my man for a bit.

So when my hubby and I met we connected right away...3 months into dating we knew were going to get married, 5 months into dating we bought a brand new house together... 11 months into dating we got engaged..and within a year after that, we got married.

But lets back up..I want to tell you how he proposed.

I knew the time was coming, he was going to propose...we both knew it but he really enjoyed me not knowing when or how..and so did I, that's all part of the fun.

So we went on this trip to Maui and I totally thought he was going to propose to me there...I mean's Maui right? Plus all my family and friends were filling my head up with the fact that he was totally going to do it.
But he didn't.  And I was bummed.  And I had to come back and tell everyone he didn't propose to me.
He later told me he didn't do it then because everyone thought he would, including me, and it wasn't as big of a surprise....I think he made the right decision :)

So soon after we got back he planned a Mother's Day brunch at a fancy restaurant down on the water.
It was me, Bob, my oldest son, my parents and sister and his mother and grandfather.

When the waiter came over my hubby to be said "I'll have a Mimosa please" and I said "OOh, me too please!" that sounds nice.
We were all enjoying our meal, but my Dad looked really uneasy...I asked my Mom what was wrong with Dad, she said nothing...hmm..ok...
(turned out he was nervous for me)
 Towards the end of our meal, my Mom said "Take a drink of your water", and I said "I have a Mimosa", she politely yet more sternly said "Take a drink of your water" and then she stood up with her camera..
I was like "Okkkk...weird-o"
So I indulged and took a drink of my water, but as I was taking a sip I noticed something sparkly at the bottom..


My husband walks over as I try to hold back tears and get the ring out of the bottom of the glass, I actually had to use a fork to get it out LOL..
He got on one knee, said a sweet little speech and asked me to marry him right there in the middle of the restaurant.

All eyes on me...I was beat red, totally in shock and embarrassed...and without even thinking twice I said "YES!!!"

All of a sudden there are tears flowing...people in the restaurant clapping...some even tearing up (mind you I did not know these people LOL)

It was Ah-mazing! 
He got me...I was totally surprised and it was romantic and I loved every minute of it.

Now here we are two boys, a dog, and two cats later...still happy as ever, and having a blast just live'n life.


Hope you enjoyed my love story :)

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