Thursday, February 16, 2012

Duct Tape Watch

Ok the watch isn't Duct Tape but the Watch Band is :)

This is such an easy project...seriously!  

This project can be for all skill types ;)

Fuzzy bad!
So you will need one of these watch faces...the kind with the loop on it that the arrow in the photo is pointing too.
I had this one at home, but you can purchase these at your local Craft Store...They have some awesome ones at Craft Warehouse for those of you that have that store in your area.

All you do is measure your wrist and make a Duct Tape Strip fit to size...
Now I made mine a Woven Duct Tape Strip..and I did this for two reasons
  1. It looks cool
  2. It makes for a thicker strap
But you don't have to do that...but I would suggest making your strap thick by adding a couple layers of Duct Tape....or even some of that thin flexible cardboard from the recycle bin.

I just added Sticky Back Velcro to was cheap, simple and quick.


The best part is...they are interchangeable! 
Like this..



Seriously..does it get any cooler than that???

What a fun gift to give to someone...
A Watch with extra bands for every occasion!

There are tons..I mean TONS of colors and designs to choose from in the Duct Tape Department.

Get Creative With It!!!

Happy Crafting!

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