Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sand Paper Printed T-Shirt

Sand Paper Printed T-Shirt

This is sooooo cool!

So I ran across this on Pinterest (totally and utterly addicted) 
Here is the link to the original tutorial on this project over at Alpha Mom

All you need is:
Sand Paper (fine is best) I got mine at Dollar Tree
Color Crayons
Paper Towels

I found this boys X-Small Long Sleeved Shirt at the Dollar Store.
Along with the Sandpaper.

I wrote Jackson's name on the Sand Paper with Crayons.
You have to go over it several times and get the crayon on their nice and thick.

And then I realized...Oh wait, it's going to be backwards on the shirt...Ack!

So then I had to re-write his name but backwards..
and I got so caught up in writing backwards that I forgot to switch out color crayons for different colors.
UGH..Oh well :)  

Next I put some cardboard inside the shirt so the crayon wouldn't leak through to the back of the shirt.
I placed the Sand Paper upside down on the front of the shirt and placed two paper towels on top of the Sand Paper.

I ironed for about 30 seconds

I removed the Sand Paper, put the paper towels down on the image and ironed for just a few seconds to get any extra wax off the shirt.
Then you place it in the dryer for approx 20 minutes to set the color.
It is recommended to wash this shirt by itself the first time.

and I got this...Clearly I need to color on the sand paper a little more to get the image darker..however I do think this is a blast! It was super easy, quick and I am going to go try it again :)

I think I'll let my kids do the art work next time though :)
Once they do it, I'll post some pics.

On a totally unrelated topic..My oldest son started Middle School today..yeah Middle School.
I was up half the night due to nerves..I just can't believe my baby is so old..Check out this pic..

I tried getting a picture by the front of the school...yeah no dice..he wasn't having it lol :)

Apparently that is really embarrassing...

Good times :)

Hope you all have a fabulous day!


  1. Neat idea. I knew you could use crayons on iron-on transfers but didn't know you could use sandpaper.
    Danielle @ Mama Dani's Musings

  2. Me neither! It's really fast...I think good quality crayons will make the difference too. But you could make pillows with your kids art work, T-Shirt bags, cloth napkins...the list goes on and on. I can't wait to try this again :)

  3. Thats interesting...I didn't know you could use sandpaper.I wanna know what the person was doing that discovered this was possible lol.
    I bought those crayons that you color on paper and will iron right on to fabric.Shows up really bright too.
    Btw, I am having a giveaway this week...stop on by when you get the chance.

  4. Whaaaa??? Crayons that you can color on paper then iron onto fabric..Genius! I have never seen those..oh I must have them...STAT lol :)
    Um I agree about how someone figured this out..I never would have guessed..But it does work, and fast. I'd love to stop by, thank you for the invite!

  5. Thanks for posting this. I did these many years ago as a camp counselor and forgot how fun they are. The picture of you middle schooler is priceless.

  6. Got about the same picture of my new-to-middle-school student, too!


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