Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Duct Tape Ring

Duct Tape Ring




Today I made a Duct Tape Ring for the first time :)

You know me and Duct Tape! 

Here are some pics of the finished product...

This is Stage 1 of the ring...It was cute..but I wanted it a little fuller...
P.S. My hands look so wrinkly..ewwww

It was right before this Stage that my youngest son decided to take my brand new can of hairspray and spray it all over his toys in his bedroom..Yeah..good times! 

On to Stage 2...

I like this fuller look better..don't you?

This is ALL Duct Tape..even the band :)

So stink'n cute! 

Ok I have to be honest..I made a ring right before this one..and it was UGLY..
It was way too big and I tossed it in the garbage half way thru the process.
My oldest son thinks I'm nuts when I throw things away..but hey..for me it's out of sight out of mind.
And it was seriously awful!

Speaking of Duct Tape..
I had a Girls Night a few days ago and I used Duct Tape in my decorations..

I wrapped Pink Polka Dot Duct Tape around the water bottles!

Closer look...


Time for a shout out about Child was his first day of Pre-School..

It's a little fuzzy cause the kid never stops moving...but at least I got a pic!
He had a great first day back at school and can't wait to go back.

Thanks guys :)

Have a great day!


  1. Love your ring! I especially love it in yellow because that's my favorite color. Ha! :) My preschooler started today too. Hope yours had a great first day!

  2. Thank you so much Rachel! Have a great day, and I hope your pre-schooler has a fabulous year!!

  3. I already know I will need to feature your ring. I am so going to make one. Love it.
    I knew it was your project before I even clicked the link. You are the official duct tape Diva (hey that's kind of has a nice ring to it) no pun intended.
    Hey I just sent you an email because easy canvas prints is haveing a 4hour 8x10 free sale. Thought you might be interested. There site is easy to use, it took me about 3 minutes to order. Love ya and have a fab weekend.

  4. PS I might need your help on the ring, but I will try one first. I was just looking at the fun halloween duct tape they had at wally world this morning. I hope I can find the yellow that color is perfect.

  5. LOL!!! Thank you :) You know I tend to call myself the Duct Tape Diva around the house :) Below is a link to a video on Youtube...this is the general idea on how to make the ever I made my squares about 1" x 1"...The first time I did it the petals were just too other advice would be when making the "stem", make sure it's not too tall or else the ring will really be tall and'll see what I mean when you watch the vid.

    My oldest son as a soccer game tonight and it's going to be 90+ degrees out and then tomorrow he has another one but it's supposed to be 98 degrees..YUCK! Wish me luck :)

    If you need any help you know where to find me! Have an awesome weekend :)

  6. Cute ring! I like the bigger version too. And I've never seen that polka dotted tape before... cute!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  7. Thanks, I bought some dt today, but I went with the cheap grey to make sure I can figure it out first. Good luck with the heat. It's still hot hear in northern Cali but we will have snow soon enough so I am trying not to complain. It's cool in the morning and evenings though.

  8. Fun! Best of luck..let me know if you have any questions. Our weather in Oregon has been so weird..we just now got our summer and its been so hot..yuck, I hate it. I love fall, so I hope we get it soon :)

  9. Thank you Caroline! I just found that pink tape at Michaels a couple weeks ago..isn't it adorable?! I'm going to have to go back and get more, cause I've used most of it up all ready :)

  10. Way cool ideas and awesome use of duct tape! I'm your newest follower, come see me at

  11. Hi Brenda! Thank you so much for following my blog :) and for your compliments! I'm heading over to see your blog now.

  12. Thanks for linking up to last week's Tuesday Confessional. You've been featured, so stop by and grab a brag button! Also, this week's link party is up and running, so don't forget to link up!

  13. I cant find where you posted how to make the ring.


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