Friday, September 2, 2011

More Headband Designs

More Headbands...

Ok, remember my last post where I made this.....

Well in that post I mentioned that I wanted to make more to sell at my next craft show..

So I went to the Dollar Tree and I found some headbands..

7..yes 1..2..3..4..5..6..7.. headband for $1!!!  Whoooo Hoooo!
Now that's a bargain :)

These are really fun colors too..
Yellow, Light Green, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Light Blue, Purple, and Red

So I got to work making my Yo Yo Flowers and went to town, 
Here's what I came up with..I had to use my Pug Stuffed animal for these pics..
I have dolls around here!

Yellow Headband, with Blue Yo Yo's and Yellow Buttons

Purple Headband, with Purple Floral Yo Yo's, and Purple Buttons

My personal favorite
Light Green Headband, with Pink Floral Yo Yo's and Pink Buttons

Red Headband, with Spanish Style Print Yo Yo's with Red & Yellow Buttons

Light Pink Headband, Pink Yo Yo's with White Buttons

My Second Favorite
Light Blue Headband, Polka Dot Yo Yo's with Blue Buttons

So what do you think?  Pretty cute eh? 
I wish you could see them in person cause they are WAY adorable!

Have a great night!

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