Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Post-it Gift

Post-it Gift

Hello Everyone!

Fist I'd like to apologize for being absent for almost a week...I've been so busy with orders, the family caught a cold, and getting ready for my upcoming craft shows.

When talking to one of my oldest and dearest friends last night, she told me that I better get my booty in gear and post a craft on my blog cause she looks forward to them everyday...thanks Bre!
Ok, here's what I did :)

I bought these plastic frames at the Dollar Store, one is a 3.5 x 5 and the other is 5 x 7.
Turns out I like the smaller one better, I think it takes up less space, and the post-it fits perfect :)

I also bought this 4 pack of post-it notes..there is yellow, blue and pink.

I decided to make this for one of my son's male teacher so I picked the blue post-it notes and cut coordinating scrapbook paper to 3.5 x5 size.

I thought an outside pic would be good, but NOPE too bright, the sun reflected off the frame.
I added his teachers name in stickers to the paper, slid the paper in the frame, and then took the paper off the back of the post-it and stuck to the frame...Ta Da!

But I couldn't stop there...I mean come on..there are so many options here...

I printed out the quote "To teach is to learn again." on card stock, wrapped it around the frame with color coordinating ribbon and now my post-it gift is complete!

Don't you think this would look great on his teachers desk?

I'm telling you, this was SOOOO easy..in fact I am going to be making a TON of these I can assure you.  Every teacher, family member, friend, and possibly every stranger walking down the street will get one of these bad boys!

These would make excellent Teacher Appreciation Gifts, Holiday Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Just for Fun Gifts..you name it.
Happy Crafting!


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