Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Remembrance Pots

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gent!

I hope all you Mother's out there enjoyed your special day yesterday :)
It was a fabulous Mother's Day!

So if you follow my blog regularly you may know that I lost my Aunt to cancer a month ago today.
It has been devastating to say the least, and it's been one month ago today that she passed and I still can't believe it.

For Mother's Day yesterday, we had our two cousins over to my parents house so they could celebrate Mother's Day with us.  As you can imagine, yesterday was very hard for them, considering they just lost their 59yr old mother a month ago.

My cousins and I are very close, and near and dear to my heart.
I wanted to do a little something for them in remembrance of their Mother, my Aunt.

So here's what I did:

I bought two packages of "Forget Me Not's"

I also bought two pot's that say "Love my Garden" and planted the "Forget Me Not's"

I bought two Frame Charms, and put a picture of my Aunt in there.

To hang the Framed Charm I took a large Paperclip and unbent it.
When is was straight, I then used my Needle Nose Pliers and made a loop at the end. 
The Paper Clip was super easy to work with, was soft enough to bend yet strong enough to hold it's shape when I was done.

My Aunt garden.
I remember helping her in the garden when I was a kid, so I thought this was a neat and thoughtful gift on my part.
Obviously the charms can't stay outside or they would get ruined in the rain, but they can't put them indoors in a house plant or keep them outside in a covered area.

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