Friday, May 25, 2012

Cupcake Toppers DIY

Hello Hello Hello!

One of the things I sold at my Craft Fair last weekend was Cupcake Toppers.
 If you look back at through the pictures you'll see them on my table.

They are so simple...SO simple and fun that I want to share them with you.

I did not do a step by step tutorial on these because they are pretty self explanatory.
If you have any questions about them though, please feel free to ask me, I'd love to help you!

All you need are:
Duct Tape or Card Stock I'm pretty sure you know what I chose to work with...
YUP Duct Tape :)

The first thing I did was cut the tip off the toothpick, so that the top wasn't sharp any more.
What I did was..
I took a 2.5 in X .5 inch strip of Duct Tape and fold it in half with the toothpick in the middle.
Sticky side to sticky side.

Last step was to trim if necessary.

Now I just used regular sized toothpicks but today I picked up some Sandwich Toothpicks and they appear to be a lot longer.
They don't need to be longer, the regular one's work just fine.

You can change the shape of your Cupcake Topper, such as make it a triangle for example.

You can use Card Stock as well.  I would use Double Sided Tape and put a strip down the middle of whole strip of paper, that way when you put the toothpick in the middle and fold..the tape will stick to the toothpick as well and the flag won't slide off.
Make sense?

There are so many options with this, it's quick, inexpensive and they would look adorable on Cupcakes.

However, they are not limited to just cupcakes...
put them on little sandwiches, fruit, any type of appetizer or party food to add a little decor and fun.

Have a great day everyone!


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