Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Duct Tape Art


I'm in a craft fair this Saturday, so I've been a busy little bee making lot's of stuff to sell.
This time around I'm only selling Duct Tape items at my booth.

I'm going to sell some of my Duct Tape Art too..
Well..I should say I'm going to attempt to sell some of my art LOL!

I wanted to share with you my two latest pieces :)

Lucille Ball

Elvis Presley

Those are the two that I made this week.

I also have this one..

And a Marilyn Monroe and Bob Marley as well.

I hope these guys sell...if they don't then my plan is to either Auction them off...
Get a bunch together and hit up a local art gallery or business that sells art on their walls.

Wish me luck!!!


  1. No way!!! I can't believe those are made of duct tape. Too cool. Love the idea and I hope you do well at the craft fair!

    1. Way!! Thank you so much!! I hope to make a couple more before the fair, but we shall see :)

  2. You do an amazing job with your duct tape portraits!



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