Friday, July 8, 2011

Soda Can Earrings

Recycled Soda Can Earrings

I've made these a few times over the years...and last night a couple cans were just sitting there calling my name.

I made sure the cans were good and rinsed, then cut the top and bottom off the cans.

Here are the earrings I made :)

These are purple earrings made from a Grape Soda Can...Cute huh?

These earrings are SUPER light weight

Pepsi Earrings!  I love these, they are so much fun!

And last but not least...

Bar Code Earrings!  I think these are my favorite!  I filed the edges, rounding them out,  with just an ordinary nail file.

They are hard to photograph cause they are so shiny!

Hope you enjoyed my Recycled Soda Can Earrings!

Happy Crafting!


  1. AHH I can't get enough of all your projects! They are so great!!

    I want those earrings!!

  2. AHH I can't get enough of you LOL! Your comments make my day :) I'm so glad you enjoy them!! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. How funny! I just linked up to Under the Table and Dreaming with a soda can hair bow tutorial. Love the earrings!

    --for some reason I can't post a comment with my URL or my Google account so here's my blog address--

  4. I love the bar code earrings the best!


  5. Too cute and very clever! I am wondering what you used to make the holes, though.

    1. she probably used metal hole punchers. I bought one at Hobby Lobby in the craft section :)

  6. Thank you! I used a hole punch to make the holes...the aluminum cuts very easily :)

  7. Thanks for linking to Bacon Time these are so cool. I was wondering with your feather earrings where you found the top part to attach the feathers. I have ordered some feathers to make some but can't find the earring findings that I want,and I don't want to use wire if I can help it.

  8. Never mind, sorry to have bothered you, but I think I figured out what they are called and ordered some on ebay, crimp cords, I knew what I wanted just had no idea what they were called, lol Hope thew will work, my 8 year old loves playing with feathers and he is actually more excited I think then me to make these. I am actually going to let him come with me to a craft fair to sell the ones he makes. :) Thanks for the inspiration

  9. LOL..Ok :) I used Crimp Beads for mine, rectangular shaped. They held the feather REALLY well. Best of luck with your creations, drop me a photo so I can see what you made! My friends went APE over the feather earrings. I got a few orders right off the bat. Have a great day!

  10. I completely forgot you made these. I am going to link to you now in my post. I even commented back then. I so don't remember this post. I am losing my mind with my show coming up and my oldest being out of town, I am going crazy.

  11. Gday Nicole
    These are the cutest earrings I have ever seen.Do you have to sand down the edges or crimp them to keep them from being sharp..keep up the good work mate.

  12. how do you get them smooth at the edges

  13. how do you get them smooth at the edges

  14. how do you get them smooth at the edges


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