Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Record Bowl

Record Bowl

Hey are ya?!

Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately..I've been busy getting my kids ready for their vacation :)

So I'm kid less for a whole week..YES! I can craft all day long with minimal interruptions..awww the good life!

Ok, enough about me...Here is what I did:

I went to my local thrift store and bought some records...I had to get Blondie..cause Hello! Blonde's RULE!
Sorry all you brunettes and red're a close second, no worries :)

And I bought a Pyrex Glass Bowl..only $5.99!  

Set my oven to 200 degrees..DO NOT go any higher than 200 degrees, toxin's will get released and that is a bad thing...

I put the bowl on a cookie sheet and the record on the bowl.
The cool thing about this Pyrex Bowl is there is a little circle in the for me, I was just able to line the center of the record with the circle on the bowl.

Make sure it's good and centered, then put it in the oven.
This is not a "set it and forget it" project..keep your eyes on it.
It will begin to melt around the bowl..once it's touched the sides of the bowl, and can't melt down any further I take it takes approximately 3-5 mins

When you take it out, pinch it into the shape you fast, cause it will harden very quickly. 
Mine always fall with about 5 or 6 waves in I just pinch those and even it out...Make sense?

If your bowl hardens, and you don't like the shape it's taken..throw it back in and start over.
The shape of your bowl depends on what size glass bowl you use when melting it down.  I like mine more wavy cause it's each his own ;)

And you're done!  Here I used it as a fruit bowl for the photo..and yes those are plastic pieces of fruit that I stole from my 4 yr old son's bedroom...don't judge lol!  but I will have you know that the lemon is totally real OK lol!

Throw your keys in it, put potpourri in it, use it as a fruit dish, a napkin holder, or what ever your little heart desires.  

My son's teacher last year..who is the BEST teacher ever and totally super into music, so I made her one of these for Teacher Appreciation Day and she loved it.

So the next time you want to surprise the music lover in your life with a really cool gift, make them a record bowl and they will be delighted!  How could they not be, it's so rock'n!


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