Saturday, July 2, 2011

Homemade Gift Exchange


 I took part in Craftaholics Anonymous Homemade Gift Exchange recently, and it has been so much fun!
This is an exchange where Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous pairs you up with another individual in the U.S. and you make something for each other.  
So cool!

Who doesn't like getting a package in the mail?? I love it! 
My gift exchange partner Alexis is so nice, LOVE HER!  I had a blast getting to know her :)

So here is what I made for Alexis (who loves bright colors, especially Orange)

A Button Bracelet and Button Earrings!!  When I posted this Button Bracelet on my blog a couple weeks ago, I didn't want to spill the beans so I didn't mention it was for my partner.

I hope she likes it!

And today I received my gift from Alexis...YAY!

She made me this beautiful broach!  Isn't it adorable!! I may wear it in my hair too :)
Thank You Alexis!!!

So I encourage you to do this exchange next year, it was a blast!
I know I will!

Go check out Craftaholics Anonymous, Linda is FABULOUS! You'll love her promise!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Thank you Michelle! It was a fun experience :)

  2. Those are both cute and it sounds like you had fun!

  3. You should totally wear it in your hair .Ever since the royal wedding I've been wanting to make a facinator type thing for my hair, this might be just the thing.
    That button bracelet is so cute and crafty, love it.


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