Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fused Plastic Bag

Fused Plastic Bag (Recycled)

Is everyone having a great day?  I know we are, the sun finally came out..Yahoo!
Today I made a recycled bag out of old plastic bags from the grocery store! 
This is so easy and fun, you're going to love it..and if you don't just stroke my ego and tell me you do..pretty please lol :)

Here's how I did it:

I gathered 6 plastic grocery bags

Cut the tops off or the handles if you will

Then I put some wax paper down on my table, then put 3 bags on top of each other, the colored side facing inwards.  I plugged in the iron and had it on medium-high heat.
Then I put a couple pieces of computer paper on top of the bags and ironed on the paper.  You want to keep your iron moving during this process. You will feel the bags flatten and melt together as you iron back and fourth.  Do this for about 20-30 seconds.  Then flip the bag over and put the paper on and iron again.

This is what you end up with..a firm piece of fused plastic.
Then I repeated the process with the other 3 bags stacked on top of one another..again with the printed side facing inwards.

I put the two pieces together, trimmed them to equal size,  and stapled around the two sides and bottom.  Make sure your staples stay in a straight line..They don't have to be perfect but it's better if they're somewhat even.

Now I covered the sides and bottom with white duct tape.  Use which ever color you like.
I then added some handles as well.  I just Duct Taped them on.

After I was done doing that I turned the bag inside out...or right side in lol :)

This is the end result!  SO COOL!  Is it perfect..No...Is it it functional..YES!  Did you recycle to make this..YES!

This is the ideal bag for shopping at farmers markets..or to use as a grocery bag...or just use it for a book bag.  It's fun, cheap and easy to make.  I will for sure be bringing this the next time I hit up my local farmers market :)

Enjoy and have a fabulous day!!!


  1. How cute is that? You always come up with such good recycling ideas!

  2. the name and thank you!!

  3. What a neat idea! I may just try this with all the grocery bags we have piling up that I don't want to just toss.

  4. You could use those cool new patterned duct tape to make the handles and add stripes or something to make it a bit more "fancy" :o) Love the idea!

  5. You could totally do that! I have every color/pattern duct tape makes..I LOVE DUCT TAPE! I think the next one I make I will use just the white side of the bag, and then get my color on with the duct tape :)

  6. wow that is amazing!!! LOVE your ideas soooo much!

  7. Thank you Kimberly! You made my day :)

  8. Love it, you are so crafty. I really enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.


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