Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Finger Knitting


Have you ever head of Finger Knitting?

It's so much fun, and very relaxing.
All you need is Yarn, and Fingers...That's it!

The best part about Finger Knitting is that it's great for all ages.  It's super D duper easy, and a great way to wind down after a long day.

Last night I made this Scarf..I started it at my son's Soccer Practice, and ended it while watching my night time shows once the kids went to bed.

Cute huh?  I used a thick Black Chenille Yarn.  I suggest using a thicker yarn, it just looks better.
The result is almost like a tube scarf.  Mine turned out like it had ruffles...and I love that!

Here is a  a video that I found on Pinterest that is perfect for learning how to Finger Knit:

I read that one woman has her young kids Finger Knit while she reads them books...I love that idea.

Both my boys want to learn, so I am going to teach them.  I figure it would be a great way to keep them quiet on long car rides.
A girl can dream right?

Or a great rainy day's about that season.
So watch the video, grab some yarn and start knitting!
You'll love it, and you'll really love how easy it is :)

Happy Crafting!


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