Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY Jumprings

Good Morning!!

I apologize for my lack of Blog Posts lately...
I've been crazy busy with Soccer, Kids, Life, and well...making jewelry ;)

I've been thoroughly enjoying making jewelry lately.  I've been using a lot of Jump Rings and decided that I needed to make my own instead of spending far too much money on pre-made ones.

So here's what I did:

I gave my husband a Jump Ring and he went out and bought me a metal bar that was the same size.  He had one of his employees drill a hole in it for me so that I could put a piece of wire in it.

 I put the metal piece into a drill and locked it in...I'm not going to lie, my husband had to help me with this.
Then I put some wire in the little hole, wrapped it around the bar once and then slowly turned on the drill.

It makes a big coil super fast..SO EASY!

I removed the coil from the metal bar and then cut up the middle with wire cutters.

JUMP RINGS!!  Seriously this was so easy, cheap, fast and really fun.  I used a 20 gauge wire, but I would prefer a stronger wire.  This is by far a much more cost effective way of using Jump Rings...

I used a metal bar/stick...but I'm sure a wood one would work just fine.

  Here's some of the items I've been working on and added to my Etsy Shop recently:

So that's what I've been up to :)  Have a fabulous day!

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