Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Box Top Fridge Box

So today after school, my youngest wanted some Mac n' Cheese.  As I was cooking the cheesy goodness I cut out the "Box Top" off the box.  Then an idea hit me like a ton of bricks!  
I should make a box to go on my fridge to put all these Box Tops in!

So here it goes..put on your seat belts!

Here's the box of Mac n''s the new kind by Betty Crocker...its very creamy and good.  The kids love it...
That's my own personal overview of the product, they did not pay me to say that lol.

First step was to cut off about half the box.
This is what I chose to do, you can leave it as tall as your heart desires.
Half a box was big enough for me.

I picked out a piece of Cardstock that I had on hand.
I chose to go with a Red and White Polka Dot since my kitchen has a lot of Red in it.  Plus it's just cute :)

I folded the paper around the box, and creased the lines really well.

After creasing the lines, I used Double Sided Tape to adhere the paper to the box.  You could use Glue Dots, or Glue if you'd prefer.

Then I took my Exacto Knife and cut out the corners of the paper at an angle.

Here is the bottom.
Add some Double Sided Tape and fold the paper down like your wrapping a present.

Isn't it pretty?
Not that it matters cause it's the bottom but still it looks nice ;)

Now do the same for the top.

After completing the folding in of the paper on the top..I used the left over scraps of paper to line the inside.

Next I added some self adhesive magnets to the back.

Still with me?
Almost done!

Last but not least I added some letter stickers to the front and slapped it on the fridge!

This was so easy! 
And the best part was I recycled a Mac n' Cheese box, and had all the other stuff on hand.
It took me minutes to make and now I don't have to dig thru a drawer to find all my Box Tops when it's time to turn them in to the school :)

Have a great day! 


  1. Such a cute idea, I just throw mine in a coffee mug on top of the fridge!!! Will have to save my next box of mac and cheese!!! :) Newest follower!!!


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