Monday, June 25, 2012

Wine Cork Key Chain


Did you miss me???
It's been like two weeks since I've posted :(

So sorry ladies and gent...I'll be better promise!

So today I have a simple project for you...takes only a few minutes of your time.

We love projects like that don't we!

Alright, here it goes:

Here's what you need:
A Wine Cork
An Eye Pin
Key Chain Loop (brain fart, can't remember what they are called)
Super Glue or your fav glue that you think would work

I used the pre existing hole from opening up my bottle of Moscato..hmmmmm so yummy!
I added some glue carefully in the hole and on the screw part of the Eye Pin and inserted it into the cork.

I let it dry, for me it only took a few minutes.
Then I added the Key Chain part.

Are you still with me?
I know this is so hard huh? LOL :)

Add your key(s) and you're done!

So easy that I could shout it from the roof tops!!!

I think it's super cute.
It's simple...but cute.

Plus I love the footprint on this cork, it's cute :)

Happy Crafting!


  1. Love this idea! Now I know what I can do with all those corks I have in the drawer! lol Thanks for sharing.


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