Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Bubble Fun

This is so much fun!
First let me start out by saying, this past weekend it was 80 Degrees...
the last couple days have been rainy and overcast :(

So when we looked outside and saw a break in the rain and some sunshine...
we jumped on it.
We went outside and had some bubble fun :)

I took a small empty plastic soda bottle and cut off the bottom.
You could use a water bottle, probably even a 2 liter but I haven't tried that.

I cut up an old hand towel and covered the bottom of the bottle using rubber bands.
I suppose you could hot glue it, but it was quicker to just wrap some rubber bands around it.
We were on borrowed time here lol...

I put some bubbles in a shallow bowl.
For my post on a DIY Bubble Recipe go HERE

I dampened the towel first then set it in the bowl.

Pick it up and blow thru the mouth piece....and
Let the games begin!!!

It is VERY windy where I live, so big bubble chunks were flying everywhere!!

Bubble Chunk..
But never fear!
Batman is here!!
Or Batman Crocs are here to stomp out the bubbles LOL :)

What you end up getting is a long tube like bubble chunk (for lack of a better word)
We seriously had so much fun with this!

Until it went from this...

To this...

And now it's raining!

But I'm so glad I jumped on that 15-20 minutes of sunshine, it was so worth it.

So here's a recap of what you need for this fun project:
An empty plastic bottle
Old washcloth or towel (the thinner the better)
Rubber Bands (just a couple)

So easy, and some good 'ole recycled fun :)

Enjoy your day
Happy Crafting!


  1. Going to do this right now, with my boss' greatgrandkids who are obcessed with bubbles.

    1. Its so cool! I actually did some bubbles too. If it weren't so windy we would have gotten a longer tube of bubbles going. Enjoy your day, you'll have a blast!

    2. It worked well, with one slight problem. You need a long water bottle with kids not sure if they are supposed to blow in or out. We used a little water bottle, which worked, but the inside filled up with bubbles and the 2 yr old got a mouthful. Guess she knows what blow means a little bit better now. They made bubble shoes and want to do it again tomorrow.

    3. Uh oh! Suds in the mouth is not fun. You def need to blow OUT...that's how you get the long tube of bubbles :) Glad you had a good time! I even thought about letting my son do this in the tub...I'm still on the fence about it LOL :) Have a great night!

  2. That looks like fun. To save you the trouble hot glue on water bottle equals melty water bottle and glue/plastic mess on the floor. Rubber band is probably best for this project. Don't forget to try a big ring of yarn tied to two straws (one straw for each little hand). It makes big bubbles.


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