Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Easy Peasy Sugar Scrub

Easy Peasy Sugar Scrub

Let's be honest...Sugar Scrubs in general are very easy to make.

However..they require Oil as one of the main ingredients.

Oil + Shower = Potential Disaster
Instead of Oil I used two ingredients...Shower Gel and Sugar...that's it!

I had this bottle of Coconut Vanilla Shower Gel..hmmm...wish the computer had Scratch & Sniff!
This stuff smells AH-mazing!

I put 1/2 a cup of Sugar in a bowl and added about a Tablespoon of the Shower Gel..
Stirred it around..it wasn't nearly enough..so I repeated until I got the consistency that I wanted.
For me that consistency is like stiff frosting..I want to be able to put my fingers in there and just grab a dollop with out it being runny....but you make it how you like it.

There it is...all creamy and ready to hit the shower!
If you find that you made it too runny, just add some more sugar.

I put my Shower Scrub in a small Tupperware container and stuck in my shower.  

Easy Peasy!

I think this took me..maybe...30 Seconds from start to finish.

This would make a great gift for anyone..who wouldn't want some of this??
It's perfect for that quick gift...you know the kind where you realize last minute you want to give something to someone so you scramble around your house for something small to re-gift LOL..
oh wait, is it just me that does that??

Have a great day
Happy Crafting!

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