Thursday, November 17, 2011

Minnie Mouse Hair Clip

Minnie Mouse Hair Clip

I made this little cutie from T-Shirt scraps and some Duct Tape for the bow.

If I haven't mentioned this before Mr Crafty Soccer Mom loves all things Mickey Mouse, and has been a collector since his childhood.  
So there is a lot of Mickey love in our house :)

Here's what I did to make this little gem...
I cut a few strips of T-Shirt scrap...One long, two half the size of the long one.
Then I made Rosettes...
Here are the Rosettes...

Then I hot glued the Rosettes onto a piece of black felt.
Sorry about the picture's really hard to photograph black on black.
I cut around my Minnie Mouse shape and then cut out a circle of felt for my clip to attach to

 I cut a slit in the circle of felt..put the back part of the clip through and then hot glued it down to the back of the Minnie Mouse

Final step was adding this mini Duct Tape bow.  I attached it with Hot Glue.

Here is the final product in my clipped into my hair :)

Here I clipped it to a head band :)
Have a great night
Happy Crafting!!


  1. Sooo cute! I love it. We just went to Disneyland - it would have been so fun to have had these to wear.

  2. Thank you! You could make one for a stocking stuffer? That would be fun :) OR..just because! Have a great weekend!

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