Monday, November 21, 2011

Gold Christmas Tree

Gold Christmas Tree

Isn't she beautiful?? Oh I just love this!

All I used was...
This Styrofoam Cone and some Gold Thumbtacks from the Dollar Tree!

I also bought this tiny glass angel tree topper to go on top of my gold tree.
It's Halo is gold so it was a perfect match!

I simply pushed the thumbtacks into the foam, making sure to overlap a little bit so there wasn't any of the Styrofoam showing.

I used approximately 500 tacks for this...and it took me about 40 minutes to push them all in.  I had fun, I just watched tv while I did it.

The glass Angel fit on top PERFECTLY! I am so thrilled with this craft.
I wish I could photograph it a bit better but it's so shiny it's very difficult to capture it's beauty :)
You could also spray paint the tree after you put all the thumbtacks in it to fit your holiday decor or paint a few of the tacks different colors to give the illusion of Christmas Lights..
you have a lot of options to make it your own:)
Have an awesome day
Happy Crafting!!

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