Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mini Catapult

Mini Catapult

So yesterday my boys were driving me nuts...I think they were totally bored...summer break and noth'n to do

So I made them a Mini Catapult to play with today.

Supplies I used:
Piece of wood
Spray paint
2 Jumbo Craft Sticks
2 Clothes Pins
2 Caps from water bottles
Hot Glue Gun

 I got a piece of scrap wood from my local hardware store..
I spray painted it baby blue..it was a color we already had so I just used that.


While I waited for the paint to dry I gathered the rest of my supplies

 I glued the Clothespin onto the block of wood with my glue gun

Then I glued the Craft Stick onto the Clothespin

Last step...glue the Bottle Cap to the Craft Stick

I put it on the floor...set up some bowls, gave them some beads and let them launch away!

I think they like it lol...Yay for Mom!!  Whewww...little work..big pay off :)

This is so easy to make, and fun for even the smallest of toddlers.  You can use crumbled up paper too if you'd like.  I gave them a round bead, and they don't go all that far, which is great for in the house play.  

My next step is to hot glue little bowls on either side of the boys Catapults to store their own stash of beads.

Happy Crafting!!

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