Saturday, June 18, 2011

Button Bracelet

Button Bracelet

Good Morning!  

Today I am going to show you a bracelet I made out of buttons....yup buttons!

I had all these marvelous buttons just laying around...they were I just had to make something with them....I think I made their day...

What I did was took a length of chain, and attached buttons..that's it...I know it takes lots of talent huh? 

I alternated the sizes...small, smaller, small, smaller..etc...

I then added a magnetic clasp...I have a hard time putting bracelets the magnet makes it so much easier...and they are strong little magnets too!

Thank you hand model...this model would like to remain anonymous....cause if any of his this person's friends found out that would be horrible :)

I personally love this bracelet, it's bright, fun, and a total conversation piece.

Have a fabulous weekend
Happy Crafting!!


  1. Thank you!! I think it's a fun summer bracelet if a do say so myself :)

  2. I love this one....actually, all of them!! It's fun to look forward to them each day in my mailbox.

  3. I love this! I have a bunch of buttons just sitting and waiting for me to do something with them! Thanks!


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